Jabodetabek Study Forum

Jabodetabek Proceeding 2013

The 4th Jabodetabek (Greater Jakarta) Forum Seminar with the theme "Resilient Megacity: Idea, Reality and Movement" was held in Bogor, Indonesia, during 8-9 October 2013. This event was attended by Indonesian as well as foreign participants, particularly from RIHN network and ETH Zurich-NUS colleagues.

The plenary lectures were very insightful and delivered by distinguished keynote speakers, which include the Deputy Minister from the Ministry of Public Works, Deputy Minister from the Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs, and Dean of Faculty of Agriculture, Bogor Agricultural University. The government spectrum has broaden our understanding about the policy challenges that we are facing today. The academic explanation, on the other side, has opened up another perspective of viewing those challenges.

The parallel session was attended by 33 participants and was productive in term of sharing knowledge and experiences. Moreover, the special session for community activists has brought uniqueness in this event organization. In general, the expectation to provide a network for multi-stakeholders (government, community, academics, and practitioners) was quite successfully managed in this event. The last day of field excursion was a memorable moment for those who went for the first time to Puncak area of Bogor. I do hope this proceeding will represent the general passion of a collaborative event, so that everyone who attended or did not attend will benefit of the result.

In this seminar we published a proceedings with 21 papers in big 3 themes. Each manuscript can be downloaded on the link below.

1. Planning, Design, and Development