Welcome to GITIIA

We engage R&D activities related to rice monitoring with special emphasis on geospatial technology and its applications to protect and to promote sustainable production of rice. We believe this could be done through the promotion of integrative science and technologies, being hand-in-hand with diversity of knowledge and expertise related to rice agriculture.

At present, we fully support the SATREPS project, a collaboration between Japanese and Indonesian universities and government agencies to promote the use of geospatial information for agricultural insurance. In the mean time, we focus on cases from Cihea (Cianjur) and Bojongsoang (Bandung) areas. In addition, team members have served as principal investigators for Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), assessing satellite applications in plantations and change detection in forest fringe areas.

Team Members: Bambang H. Trisasongko, Ph.D (Coordinator, Synthetic Aperture Radar, Machine Learning) | La Ode S. Iman, M.Si (Geospatial Information, UAVs) | Dyah R. Panuju, Ph.D (Optical Sensors, Time Series) | Nur E. Karyati, B.Sc (Soil Science, Water)

Collaborators: Dr. Boedi Tjahjono | Dr. Khursatul Munibah | Dr-Ing. Muhammad Ardiansyah | Rizqi Ianatus Sholihah, M.GES

Patrons: A/Profs. Baba Barus (IPB University) and Chiharu Hongo (Chiba University)

Interns: M. Hayyu Mahabbah (SATREPS); Fiktia Alfianita and Arda Ardella (LPDP); Ramadhani D. Handrian (JAXA).