Uncertainties to rice production

In general, rice production in Indonesia has two major threats: geohazard and anthropogenic causes. Geohazards have long been studied, including inundation, drought, etc. On the other side of the story, man-related threats need more attentions, not merely science-based but policy making would contribute to the production.

Our previous research tells us that infrastructure development can cause vulnerability to the existence of rice fields. Details are presented in:

B. H. Trisasongko, D. R. Panuju, L.S. Iman, Harimurti, A. F. Ramly, V. Anjani dan H. Subroto. 2009. Analisis Dinamika Konversi Lahan di Sekitar Jalur Tol Cikampek. Publikasi Teknis DATIN. Kementerian Negara Lingkungan Hidup. Jakarta

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