Jabodetabek Study Forum

The 6th International Conference of Jabodetabek Study Forum

date_range August 29-30, 2018 location_on IPB International Convention Center (IICC), Bogor - Indonesia

Theme: "Urban-Rural and Upland-Coastal Connectivities in Managing Sustainable Urbanizing World"


The development of megacities, particularly in Asia, has come to new challenges as population growth and physical expansion have occurred at unprecedented scale. Besides urban population which is predicted surpassing the rural population in the near future (UNDP, 2014), the expansion of urban fabric has been extended toward small-middle cities, towns, rural zones, and even natural protected areas over coastal, lowland, and upland areas (Elmqvist et al., 2013). This leads to number of consequences that never been faced before either at the local or global level. At the global level, the expanding megacities has escalated emission, pollutant, waste, land use changes, etc. that considerably contribute to global climate change. On the other hand, continuing accumulation of people, infrastructures, and investment have risked regional and global economy as nowadays they are getting exposed to rising natural hazards such as flood, drought, landslides, etc. At the local level, common urban issues such as rural-urban migration, urban poverty, urban informality, congestion, gentrification, criminality, and environmental degradation are getting harder to be handled due to their increasing magnitude.

To dealing with this problem, defining urban as a distinguished region from rural and natural protected areas is no longer appropriate. Expanding megacities has covered urban and rural areas as well as coastal to upland areas and it shows no sign of stopping. Therefore, there is a need to develop new planning and management approaches based on recent developed data and technology to enhance urban-rural as well as upland-coastal connectivities in areas that experiencing expanded urbanization. This conference aims to build a milestone for planning urbanizing world to achieve sustainability by sharing ideas, experiences, and knowledges among experts, planners, government, researchers, practitioners, students, and other related participants. There are some sub-themes which are relevant and open to be discussed consisting of:

Sub Theme
  • Megacity
  • Urban Sustainability
  • Urban Resiliency
  • Urban and Coastal Networked Digital Earth
  • Urban Agriculture
  • Peri-urban Planning
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Rural Renewal
  • Connectivity of Land, Humans, and Oceans
  • Watershed Management
  • Flood Management
  • Big Data and Complexity in Modelling Urban System
Keynote Speaker
Prof. Guy Robinson
University of Adelaide, Australia
Editor of Land Use Policy Journal (Elsevier)
Prof. R. B. Singh
University of Delhi, India
Vice President of IGU
The International Geographical Union
Prof. Nordin Hasan
Universiti Kebangsaan, Malaysia
Chair Regional Advisory Committee
Future Earth Regional Centre for Asia
Prof. Bambang Brodjonegoro
Head of National Planning Agency,
Dr. Ernan Rustiadi
Bogor Agricultural University,
Steering Committe:

Dr. Ernan Rustiadi (Bogor Agricultural University), Dr. Alinda M Zain (Bogor Agricultural University), Prof. Tommy Firman (Institute of Technology Bandung); Prof. Bakti Setiawan (Gajah Mada University); Prof. Imam Bukhori (Diponegoro University); Prof. R.B. Singh (University of Delhi, Vice President of IGU; Prof. Auroop R. Ganguly (Northeastern University), Assoc. Prof. Gavin Shatkin (Northeastern University), Prof. Terry McGee (University of British Columbia), Dr. Abdullah Kamarzuki (Director General of Spatial Planning, Ministry of Agraria and Spatial Planning), Assoc. Prof. Izuru Saizen (Kyoto University)

Chair of Organizing Committe:

Dr. agr. Didit Okta Pribadi

Member of Organizing Committee:

Dr. Andrea Emma Pravitasari; Dr. Mujio Sukir; Dr. Janthy Trilusianthy Hidajat; Dr. Ir. Siti Nurisjah; Mia Ermyanyla, SP, M.Si; Ir. Diar Shiddiq, M.Si; La Ode Syamsul Iman, M.Si; Khalid Saifullah, M.Si; Alfin Murtadho, SP; Nur Etika Karyati, SP; Muhammad Nurdin, S.Kom; Nusrat Nadhwatunnaja, SP; Yanti Jayanti, SP; Tiffany Ramadianti, A.Md.