Sustainability of Horticulture in Agriculture Era 4.0 in Lembang Sub-district, West Java

Author: Yuri Ardhya Stanny, Baba Barus and Andrea Emma Pravitasari

Abstract: Horticulture in Lembang Sub-district seems to be threatened with unsustainability due to urban expansion in Bandung Metropolitan Area. This urban expansion causes a land conversion and puts farmers at risk of losing their arable land. In Agriculture Era 4.0, horticulture management should be integrated with the Internet of Things (IoT), so it can survive amid the urban expansion. Hence, this research aims to analyze the sustainability of horticulture in the current Agriculture Era 4.0 by knowing the spatial distribution of horticulture and land capability class in Lembang Sub-district. The data was collected through field surveys, questionnaires, and in-depth interviews. While the methods were performed by visual interpretation and overlay using ArcGIS and RAP-FARM/MDS. Results showed that 3,079.03 ha was classified as horticulture with vegetables as the dominant cultivated. Based on the horticultural distribution and land capability class, the sustainability index of horticulture were: 54.27 (horticulture in class III), 54.47 (horticulture in class IV), and 44.11 (horticulture in class VI). Horticulture in class III and class IV has quite sustainable status, while class VI has less sustainable status. This study results can be taken into consideration in determining spatial planning for sustainable horticultural development in Lembang Sub-district.

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