Developing green tourism to create the sustainable landscape: evidence from Community-based Coffee Tourism (CbCT) in Puncak, Bogor, Indonesia

The 5th International Symposium of Sustainable Landscape Development (The 5th ISSLD) 22nd-24th September 2020, Bogor city, Indonesia

Author: Y Prihayati and T O Veriasa

Abstract. Indonesia went through 3.5% growth in 2019, over the last five years in the travel and tourism sector, while the global economy increased by 2.5%. Currently, this condition encourages the creation of new jobs. Surprisingly, nowadays, there is increasing awareness of people contributing to the triple bottom line of sustainable development through initiating green tourism. Community-based Coffee Tourism (CbCT) has been running in the Puncak area for about five past years as green tourism has drawn people to come. Over time there are some significant changes in an area relating to several aspects of the three bottom line of sustainability. Through this study, we are going to 1) identify the impact of green tourism on the environment/landscape through the ecological approaches using the Social Ecological System (SES) framework and 2) to identify the contribution green tourism to the local economy using the Basic Income analysis and Benefit and Cost analysis methods. Based on the SES framework, the results show that there are some aspects from the SES framework that will be effective in the context of the case study, if there is a combination between the conservation activities and economics, which gives a direct impact on the local income. This study indicated that green tourism through CbCT has contributed to the increasing individual community income from 13.19% or IDR 2,375,000 /year/person to 76% or IDR 13,680,000/year/person.  Based on B/C ratio analysis, it shows that green tourism is financially reliable to be developed at 5% and 10% of growth level, even at zero growth of the business. Hence, CbCT should be continuously developed as green tourism practices that contribute significantly to the community’s income and ecological improvement to support a sustainable landscape management strategy.

Keywords: Community-based coffee tourism, Ecological approaches, Green tourism, Social-ecological system, Sustainable landscape


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