The International Summer Course Program

“Agriculture and Ecosystem Resilience To Environmental Disaster Towards Regional Sustainability”

Field Excursion
Puncak Area, Upstream of Ciliwung River

September 5, 2018. Puncak Area, Bogor Regency became one of the learning places for participants of the International Summer Course Program, held by IPB in association with the Ibaraki University and Tokyo University of Agriculture & Technology and University of The Ryukyus Japan on 2-10 September 2018. International Course This year was attended by 31 participants from the Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) ), Ibaraki University, University of the Philippines, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Tokyo University and University of The Ryukyus. The theme of International Summer Course Program is Agriculture and Ecosystem Resilience to Environmental Disasters Towards Regional Sustainability.

One of the locations of the visit was the field laboratory developed by Center for Regional Systems Analysis Planning and Development  (CRESTPENT – IPB) in the Puncak Area, precisely in Tugu Utara Village. Participants depart from IPB Dramafa Campus at 7:30 a.m. and arrive at the location of the first visit, namely Paragliding Site (1,100 m.dpl) at 09.00 p.m. Accompanied by CRESTPENT IPB staff, Thomas Oni Veriasa and Andi Yoga Saputra, participants conducted landscape observations of the  Puncak area and Bogor city. Paragliding site is the best place to see/read changes and inconsistencies in the implementation of regional development policies that occur in the Puncak area.

The participants then went to the second location, the Ciliwung Tea Plantation area, which was managed by a private plantation, PT Sumber Sari Bumi Pakuan. At this location participants visited Telaga Saat (1,200 m.dpl) and observed the condition of tea plantations, natural forests and the hydrology. Telaga Saat is the most important water catchment areas in the upperstream of the Ciliwung River which is within the Ciliwung Tea Plantation area. As an important water catchment area, the condition of the forest and the environment surrounding Telaga Saat provides a significant influence on the discharge of water flows to the Ciliwung river towards the Greater Jakarta.

From Telaga Saat, participants conduct a transect walk as far as 1.5 km across the tea plantation, investigate landslide locations in the area and visit community coffee plantations in the production forest area and observe social situations and discuss with local community in Cibulao hamlet.

From the results of these discussions, participants gained a lot of information and learning about disaster issues and ecosystem resilience, social and land tenure as well how local people responded to these issues. The suggestions for CRESTPENT IPB were constructively provided by participants who came from various institutions. Especially the issue of landownership, livelihood strategy and community forestry.

Activities in Cibulao hamlet finished at 4:00 p.m. and then participants went to Bogor to return to IPB Dramaga Campus. (TOV / AYS)

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